In the Myelat Region of Shan State, the Pindaya Cave is located as one of the sacred site as well as a well-chosen natural spot for visitors. Pindaya Town is famous for its limestone caves, the traditional Shan paper umbrellas and handicrafts, and picturesque lake-side views. The sight of the Pindaya Cave is improved by its location on a limestone ridge over 1,200 metres height above the sea level. The climate is cool and pleasant enough for its sightseers. It is just 75 kilometres away from the Inle Lake which is a famous tourist attraction.


From the town centre of Pindaya, you have to take about 45 minutes walk to get to the Pindaya Cave. Running from north to south, 3 caves are located on the ridge. However, only the southernmost cave that extends 490 feet into the hillside is allowed for exploration. The cave is well-known by its sublimity with over 8,000 Buddha images. The researchers can delight in various ranges of style of the Buddha images, the ornamental thrones and reredos surrounding the images. The ancient inscriptions over some statues and images reveal their date of late 18th century. The most ancient one has a date of 1773. A remarkable art from early Myanmar Konbaung era to the present period showing Buddhist iconography collections can be observed in just a place. People of different times including from laypeople to  the rich merchants have contributed in the donation of those Buddha images. Though the Pindaya Cave seems like a Buddhist temple from outer view, the visitors could be filled with wonder at the gift of nature such as stalagmites and stalactites.


A 15-metres (49 ft) tall pagoda named Shwe U Min( Golden Cave) pagoda lies at the entrance of the cave while a large bronze bell stands at the southern entrance. The barely readable inscription on the bell shows that its weight is 654 kilograms (400 viss) and it was cast in 1842. An elevator is available for the travellers’ convenience. Many legends stood behind the Pindaya Cave. One of the legends is about the story of a prince and seven princesses. The story goes that a giant spider appeared while seven princesses were bathing in the lake and all the princess were trapped in its strong web. Finally, they were rescued by Prince Kummabhaya of Nyaung Shwe (one of the towns in Shan State) and the princesses were safe again. The sculptures of the huge spider and the prince aiming at the spider with his bow and arrow can be seen at the entrance of the covered stairway to the caves. Some of the inner parts of the cave have meditation chambers.


The sight of many hundred-year-old banyan trees along the path to the cave and their shade make me feel peaceful and tranquil. As Pindaya Cave is a worth-a-visit place in Shan State, you can consider it for your next step to Myanmar. We, Nature Link Travel and Tours Company,one of the best travel agents in Myanmar, will be very happy to tailor your tour to this wonderful Pindaya Cave.


Written By,

Ms.Nyein Chan Htwe