Do you want an escape from sweaty and muggy weather of the central plains? Then, Than Daung Gyi summer resort in Than Daung Township, Kayin State, Myanmar would be a good option for you. From Yangon, it is just 200 miles away and can be accessible by car, bus and even by train on a half day journey. The pleasant weather of the town is defined by its situation at an elevation of 4,824 feet (1,462 metres) above the sea level.

Than Daung Gyi has increased popularity in recent years and is still an uncontaminated town among visitors. Lunch green plantations, less population and the tranquillity of the environment make the nature of the town fully unspoilt. Than Daung is a centre of betel nut and red banana cultivation and coffee and tea plantations can be seen on the slopes. Being located in Kayin State, it is a home for simple and friendly Bwe Kayin (Karen) people whereas other races could also be found in Than Daung.

Than Daung actually has two divisions namely old Than Daung and new Than Daung. The new town was developed near Pathi Chaung (stream) while old Than Daung is a hilly region. Crystalline clear water of Pathi mountain stream runs down vigorously over pebbles and boulders in order to join the Sittaung river near Taungoo. You can enjoy cool transparent water falling from Than Daung waterfall by doing some trekking steps over steep and dusty path across jungle. You would take some charming pictures for momentoes there. Moreover, along the way around Than Daung has delightful views where you can stop a moment to enjoy the scenery as well as to take some wonderful photos. Besides summer, October and November is also a good period for a tour to the town because of its mild weather.

If you visit Than Daung, there will be a must-visit site, Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain. The Mountain is famous for its fantastic sunrise at the top. It is located over 4,800 feet above the sea level and is just 27 miles away from Taungoo. After you had done 374 steps up, picturesque low-lying sea of clouds will catch your eyes especially in the early morning. Along the way to the top is filled with enchanting scenery and fresh air will sweep away your fatigue. Needless to say that awesome pictures could be taken at the top. Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain bears a romantic and sorrowful legend about a lady called Naw Bu Baw.

The radiant sunrise along with the sea of clouds can be watched in early mornings with less crowd. When you prefer railway, you can take a six-hour ride from Yangon to Taungoo and just 27 miles has to go on to reach Than Daung Gyi. Please make sure to bring legal documents if you have a plan to stay overnight there since it is permitted for foreigners.

To access Than Daung Gyi, it takes 5 to 6 hours by car from Yangon, 4 to 5 hours by car from Mandalay and from Nay Pyi Taw. In fact, the cool climate, the romantic legend, sea of clouds and breathtaking views make Than Daung as a wonderful summer Hill Resort.

Written by
Ms. Nyein Chan Htwe