Travel Information

(A) Passport : Required
(B) Visa : Required

Tourist Visas and business visas are issued at Myanmar Embassies and consulates worldwide.

(C) Weather & Climate :

Myanmar enjoys a tropical climate.

  1. Hot Season – March to May with average temperature 30-35 C.
  2. Rainy Season – June to September with average temperature 25- 30 C.
  3. Cool Season – October to February with average temperature 20- 24 C. Cool season is the best time to visit Myanmar.
(D) Local Time in Myanmar :
  • GMT + 6.5 Yangon 00700 hrs on Monday
  • GMT + 0 London 0030 hrs on Monday
  • GMT + 7 Bangkok 0730 hrs “
  • GMT + 8 Hong Kong 0830 hrs “
  • GMT + 10 Sydney 1030 hrs “
(E) Airport Tax : US$ 10
(F) Customs :

At the port of entry all foreign currencies and cameras must be declared to a custom officer. Export of antiques and archaeological objects is prohibited.

(G) Currency :

Visitors are advised to change their foreign currencies only at authorized money changers in banks, airports and hotels.

(H) Where to Stay :

Visitors have a choice of accommodation from Budget Class Guest House to Deluxe Hotels. There are more than 600 hotels and guest houses all over the country. Room rates vary according to location, facilities, standard and service. Check the hotel listings available at Tourist Information Desks.

(I) Travel & Tour :

Licensed travel agencies can arrange for travel and tours to the tourist destinations. Travel to certain areas in Myanmar is restricted. Contact the Tourist Information Desks for your updated information.

(J) Entrance Fees :

Entrance fees are collected at the famous pagodas, temples, monasteries, museums, old palaces and archaeological zones. Tickets offices are at the sites.

(K) Tour Guide :

Visitors are advised to avoid touts and use the services of licensed guides available at the licensed travel agencies.

(L) Shopping :

You are advised to buy gems, jewelleries and silverware at the authorized gem-shops where you will be given a voucher with a permit for Export. Visitors are required to ignore touts who may approach you for offering guide services, for exchanging foreign currency into local currency or for selling gems of a doubtful nature. The offer may appear to be attractive but you could get into trouble and spoil your visit.

(M) Duty Free Allowance :

Duty free allowance is two bottles of liquor, two cartons of cigarettes, 100 cigars and half a litre of perfume.

(N) Health :

No inoculations or vaccinations are required unless coming from or passing through an infected area.

(O) Voltage :

220-230 Volts A.C.

(P) Telecommunication :

IDD telephones and fax facilities are available in most hotels.

(Q) Religion :

Theravada Buddhism is the predominant, with 80% of the people embracing it. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are also practiced among the minority.

(R) Language :

Myanmar is mother tongue but English is widely understood.

(S)Further Information :

Visitors are welcome for more information about flight and train schedules, tours and travel services at down town Information Counter (252859), Yangon Airport (662652) or at the Branch Office in Mandalay (02-60356/ 60357), Bagan (061-65040) and Taunggyi (081-21611).

(T) Five Domestic Airlines :

Named Air Mandalay, Asia Wings Airways, Air KBZ, Air Bagan and Myanmar Airways are operating domestic air route.